Free online card sorts and tree tests

Make confident information architecture decisions based on qualitative data.

Painless setup

Create studies like a pro, whether you're a total beginner or seasoned expert.

Great participant experience

Invite anyone with a shareable link. Works on any device with a modern browser.

Crystal clear reports

Done-for-you analysis so you can make iA recommendations with confidence.

Time-tested iA methodologies made easy

Create studies in minutes. Remote or in-person, moderated or unmoderated. Even if you've never done user research.

Card Sorts

Make smart information architecture decisions based on your users' mental models.

  • Open, closed or hybrid

    Add the groups and/or cards you want sorted. Share your study link with participants and watch the results come in.

  • Easy customization

    Add your logo to studies and reports. Customize participant welcome and thank you messages.

  • Analysis and sharing

    Get clear summaries and visualizations of your study results. Easily share reports with your team or clients.

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Tree Tests

Build, test and refine your information architecture by validating it with users.

  • Easy tree creation

    Add your entire tree in minutes, regardless of hierarchical complexity. Drag, drop and reorder nodes as needed.

  • Advanced task setup

    Create tasks for your participants and set correct nodes directly on your tree. Randomize task order and allow skipping if participants get stuck.

  • See what works and pinpoint what doesn't

    See exactly where participants are getting lost or stuck in your tree. Detailed success score breakdowns and breadcrumb visualizations make analysis a piece of cake.

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No more guesswork

Let your users guide the way. Settle internal iA debates with qualitative insights.

Validate navigation hierarchy
Organize product categories
Prioritize projects within initiatives
Prioritize new features
Find words and phrases that speak to users
Organize knowledge base content
Organize website content
Learn differences between user groups

Insights for everyone

Make confident product and information architecture decisions backed up with qualitative data.

  • Information Architects

    Build, test and refine your iA based on how users classify the information in your domain.

  • User Researchers

    Deeply understand your users. Identify personas and patterns to present to your team, clients and stakeholders.

  • UX Designers

    Design with confidence by understanding your users' vernacular, preferences and mental models.

  • Product Managers

    Make data-informed decisions when prioritizing features by asking users to rank them by importance.

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