Card Sorts

Understand and optimize for your users' mental models.

Everything you need

Run any type of sort, analyze results and make confident recommendations.

Remote or in-person
Your participants will have a great experience anywhere, whether they use their own device or your usability lab station.
Quick setup
Have your sort up and running in minutes, regardless of your research experience. Easily customize the welcome and thank you text.
Manage invidual results
View each participant's sort and easily exclude or delete when needed.
Card randomization
Randomize the card order in each participant session for more confident results.
Moderated or unmoderated
Participants can complete studies entirely on their own, or with you moderating (in-person or via Zoom, etc.)
Done-for-you analysis
See participant, card and grouping patterns emerge in real-time with agreement scores and frequency rankings.
Merge similar groups
Manually combine semantically or conceptually similar groups to further crystalize your results.
Custom branding
Add your logo to the participant experience and sharable reports, and hide the UX Metrics link on thank you pages.

Run any type of card sort like a pro

Three techniques to choose from. All optimized for a great participant experience on any device. Instant insights with crystal clear reports.

Open Sort

Participants sort cards into groups they create and name.

Live report

Closed Sort

Participants sort cards into groups you create and name.

Live report

Hybrid Sort

Participants sort cards into both types of groups.

Live report

Easy as 1-2-3

Set up and launch sorts in minutes, whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned UX research expert.



Add the cards and any pre-defined groups (for closed and hybrid sorts) that you want participants to categorize and label.



Invite participants to your study by providing them with the included shareable link.



Analyze the results and share confident recommendations with your team and stakeholders!

Set up your first study